Carmel Jacket


Carmel Jacket


The Technical Jacket

Like its predecessor, this jacket is designed to protect you from the elements. It features a post-consumer 100% GRS certified recycled polyester mechanical stretch shell fabric and regular polyester lining, providing weather protection and comfort. The 10 000 WP / 3 000 MVP, fluorocarbon-free Rudolf Bionic-Finish® ECO, and critically taped seams assure the jacket’s windproof and water repellant properties. The inside of the collar is dressed in jersey and fleece for extra comfort, and the front zipper is reinforced with rubber for increased waterproof properties. The cuffs are made from durable lycra and equipped with strong Velcro for easy size adjustment. The hem is adjustable with an elastic string. Inside the jacket, you’ll find two smart pockets.

Critically Taped Seams

The most critical seams on the Carmel Jacket – over the neck, shoulders, and chest – are sealed. This is done by welding thermoplastic tape over the seams, completely covering the holes created when stitching. This leaves the parts of the jacket most prone to water exposure protected and assures that the wearer is not soaked when the rain pours.

Versatile Combinations

Layer Up

The key to cold-weather dressing is layering. Two or more thin layers will keep you warmer than one very thick. The air trapped between each layer is warmed by your body, creating a self-generated insulating heat shield. Mix and match Carmel Jacket for endless options to dress up for colder days.


Devoted to Quality

We are devoted to quality. Every detail matters. We put all our knowledge, passion, and effort into our products. Just to fall in love with them. To make them be like our favorite song, food, or film. Things we never get tired of. That is what we are trying to do. And we do it with devotion. Our reward is your satisfaction.