Chorley Car Coat


Chorley Car Coat


Made from Ventile®

In search of the perfect Car Coat fabric, we turned heads south, to Ventile®, the fabric manufactured located in Switzerland, established to save the lives of English Air Force personnel during the second world war. With durability as a guiding principle, they’ve made all-weather cotton fabrics from the world’s top 2% sustainably grown ELS cotton for close to 80 years. For the Chorley Car Coat, we’ve chosen a tightly woven fabric with a water-repellant surface treatment. A fabric that will last you a lifetime.

The Coat is constructed by a specialized outerwear factory with extensive experience in high-tech outerwear. To keep you dry all year round it features taped seams and to maximize the garment’s lifetime; stitching, snaps, and zippers have been developed and chosen for maximum performance. This Car Coat will stand the test of time and weather.