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Personal information policy

Berkeley Company AB, 559389-4776 (”Berkeley”) cares about your personal integrity. We therefore strive to always protect your personal information in an appropriate way and to follow all regulations and rules for computer protection.

Because Berkeley in relations to you as client, supplier, retailor, potential employee or other actor has the utmost responsibility for the personal information you give Berkeley access to, we want to describe our policy regarding how Berkeley handle your personal information.

It is important that you read and understand the policy before you buy Berkeley products or the first time you come in contact with the company in any other way.

Some pages on our webpages has links to other websites from a third party. These websites have their own integrity policy and Berkeley Is not responsible for their operation or their information routines. Users that send information to or through these third parties should therefore review the integrity policies for the websites before any personal information is sent to them.

What personal information do we manage and where is it collected from?
Berkeley treat, depending on what way you come in contact with us, following information:

– Name, address, phone number, email address, birth date and also general information.
– Credit card information
– Demographic information
– Purchase history
– Browser information
– Information about your company and relevant contact persons
– Information about you as shown by your resume (including picture) or personal letter sent with a resume

This information is gathered in following way and from following sources:
– When you decide to buy and/or ask questions about one of Berkeley products
– B2B market. For example, in a situation where you as a contact person for one of the Berkeley B2B customers order and/or ask questions about one of Berkeley’s product/products and/or desire cooperation.
– Via browser information and invisible pixels.
– When signing up for Berkeley loyalty club and when you subscribe to Berkeley newsletters.
– From social media

For which purposes do we manage your personal information and on what legal basis?
Berkeley collects personal information for following purposes:

– To be able to handle your order and purchase of Berkeley products.
– Contact with you before and after your order is placed.
– Improvement and development of Berkeley products.
– Segmentation of Berkeley communication and marketing to you.
– Analysis of your user behavior and marketing.
– Administration of your relation to Berkeley.
– To be able to judge if Berkeley wants to offer you an employment, and to be able to communicate with you throughout the recruitment process. In conjunction with the recruitment process for some employments you can, as a candidate have to take a personality test. The result of this test will be treated by the HR- department and also the department manager.

Berkeley treats your information with support from following legal grounds:
– Berkeley treats your personal information because it is necessary to be able to make an order or a purchase contract with you. For example, when ordering online, through a store or directly with Berkeley. But also, in conjunction with meetings and/or cooperation.

– Berkeley can also treat your personal information to be able to implement certain actions and/or preparations on your demand, before signing a contract.

– The treatment can also be used because Berkeley has an interest that treatment, and we have made de judgement that this interest weighs stronger than your integrity interest. Berkeley supports this on a legal ground for statistic, customer surveys, interest-based marketing and analysis of general using behavior, including purpose to improve your advantages, your experience and also the quality on Berkeley products and services. For such treatment you have the right by law to object, which we explain detailed below.

– Some treatment is done to fulfill a legal obligation. For example, when ordering one of our products, it is shown by law which personal information Berkeley can register and we save invoice information regarding accounting rules. This may mean that your information is disclosed to an authority when required by law.

– [With the support of direct marketing (postal and digital) consent, customer surveys, customer support and newsletters.]

Your information will be supplied to whom?
Means of payment of order online
Berkeley uses DIBS by Nets (DIBS (Nets to handle your purchases of products and payment with credit card. Further payments is used by (Klarna and Paypal (Paypal
– In addition to completing the purchase, these data will only be used if you ask us questions or if there is something wrong with your order.

Delivery of purchase online
– Berkeley uses PostNord (Postnord as conveyor of orders within Sweden and UPS (UPS for deliveries outside Sweden.
– In addition to completing the delivery of the purchase, these data will only be used if you ask us questions or if there is something wrong with your order.

We will not transfer your information outside EU/EES and we do not sell your information to any other companies.

For how long do we save your information?
Berkeley will do its best to ensure that your personal information won’t be saved during a longer period than it’s necessary for the purposes for which personal data is processed and that the information is kept and treated safely during this time. Your personal information will be processed and saved in accordance with the following periods of time:
– Customer, supplier or retailor: If you are under an agreement with Berkeley your personal information will be saved as long as it’s necessary to be able to fulfil our obligations towards you, for example: until we have delivered your order or when we have received the service we’ve ordered. However, we won’t save any information longer than a 12 months period after your latest contact with us. At customer orders and purchases of Berkeley products, Berkeley will save the information provided by you up to 6 months, thereafter the information will be deleted.
– Job-seeker: Applications and with personal information included, from candidates that did not get employed, the main principle is to not save the information for more than 6 months after denial as long as Berkeley have not obtained approval from the applicant to save the application in the recruitment system.
– Legal Obligations: Berkeley saves information as long as it requires according to the current legal provision. For example: 7 years according to the Bookkeeping Act.

Berkeley uses cookies for its digital services. You can find more information about our cookie-policy at:

Changes and additions of the policy
Please note that this personal information-policy can be adjusted or extended in the future, for example: when new regulations and terms are published. In that case, the new version will be published at Berkeley’s website. [If we make any essential changes of the policy that we consider you need to take part of, we will notify you about these changes as long as we have your email address]

You can find the dates on the latest revision of the policy below.
Maj 2018

¬Where to turn if you want to get in contact with us or use your legal rights?
If you have any thoughts or questions regarding our management of personal information, you can at any time, either email to or send post to Berkeley AB, Box 53, 427 22 Billdal, Att: Anna Videll.

You also have the right to get in contact with us in the same way as mentioned above, to get access to the personal information vi manage about you (transcript); (ii) demand that your personal information corrects and/or deletes; (iii) withdraw your approval; (iv) require that the management of your personal information gets limited ; (v) suggest comments on the way we manage your personal information; or (vi) if this is possible technical, get access to your personal information in a portable format.

Requests should be signed by you and contain your name, address, telephone number and email-address.

Berkeley will without unnecessary delay, but at latest within 1 month after we have received your request, reply your request. If it’s a request on corrections and/or erasure of your personal information, Berkeley investigates if the conditions are fulfilled and will in that case, realize the changes or the erasure as soon as possible. Berkeley can come to reject a request that is either obvious baseless or excessive.

In those cases we manage your personal information with your approval, for example: subscription of newsletter, you can at any time recall your approval by contacting us as mentioned above. That withdrawal can be made completely or partly. If you wish to not receive marketing and advertising offers you can withdraw your approval by contacting us, or direct advertising by email, through the link in the current letter. If you withdraw your approval for usage or consignment of your personal information for other purposes than what’s provided in this integrity policy, it may mean that we can’t give you continued access to our web sites or provide services and customer service that are offered to our users and that’s approved according to this integrity policy.

You can also get in contact with the Data Inspection ( for complaints.