Siena Collection


Siena Collection


Siena Collection

As we gradually move into the depths of cold winter, our Siena Collection comes into play. It includes classic black leather gloves, a scarf as smooth as silk itself, and a beanie with all those inherent merino wool features to get you through winter with your ears intact. They’re all delivered in a specially developed non-woven gift bag.


Siena Gloves

When the temperatures outside gradually move down the scale, your fingers need protection they can trust. Siena gloves are made from vegetable-tanned sheep leather and lined with a mix of 70% wool and 30% acrylic. The wool’s inherent thermoregulating features will keep you warm while the acrylic will make the lining strong and durable. These gloves will last for years and only get better with time.


Siena Scarf

This piece of Italian engineered marvel has been carefully made by expert craftsmen in Florence. It’s the perfect companion for those chilly winter days. The advanced blend of 70% recycled wool, 10% virgin wool, 10% recycled cashmere, and 10% virgin cashmere is equal parts soft, durable, and warm.


Siena Beanie

With durable 2/30 (2-ply) yarn spun by legendary Italian knits specialist Zegna Baruffa, this beanie is characterized by its insulating properties, high breathability, moisture resistance, and natural softness. The design features a double-folded hem, 2×3 ribbing, and a twill Berkeley logo label.

Devoted to Quality

We are devoted to quality. Every detail matters. We put all our knowledge, passion, and effort into our products, just to fall in love with them. To make them be like our favorite song, food, or film. Things we never get tired of. That is what we are trying to do. We do it with devotion. Our reward is your satisfaction.